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Who is Lono?

Lono is our role model. He'€™s the Hawaiian god of rain. Also known as "Lono the provider," he brings the rains and dispenses fertility. No, not that kind of fertility... pervert.

Who are we?

We, on the other hand, are but humble designers, developers, and visionaries with a dream. Our dream: to make things better for the ordinary man out there, just trying to keep his lawn green.

Andrew Howlett

Andrew Howlett

Andrew had the idea for Lono years ago and brought our Lono team together. He has been behind several successful small businesses, including digital agency Rain, with around 100 employees and offices in NY, UT, and Nicaragua.

John Webster

John Webster

John can pretty much do anything. His forte is in iOS development and he's been developing award winning iPhone apps for the last 4 years. His true talent is a relentless thoroughness ensuring his code is as beautiful as his apps.

Doug Crescenzi

Doug Crescenzi

Doug is a hacker / hustler with years of experience helping early-stage companies grow. He takes pride in testing ideas quickly, building fast and measuring impact. Doug is also the co-founder of Hack Upstate.


We're fortunate to be working with the best in the industry! Interested in joining our team, and building the first outdoor smart home company? Email us! We'd love to connect.

  • Christian Torres iOS Engineer
  • Ryan Gaus Full Stack Web Dev
  • Kiva VanDerGeest Customer Support / Operations
  • Cassara Naccarato Customer Support / Operations
  • Kyle Armsworthy Irrigation Expert

Advisory Board

These are the folks that really helped our Lono program take shape. They are each experts in their respective fields and have given us invaluable information and feedback.

  • Robert Burch Venture & Water Conservation Technology
  • John Van Saders Semiconductor & RF Expert
  • Kevin Evans Sprinkler Expert
  • Jeremy Williams Engineering Consultant
  • Lori Hoberman Legal Counsel
  • Jenny Hoover State Water Conservationist

Contact Us

We're always looking for opportunities to work with awesome people. We'd love to get together with you and start the irrigation revolution.