Lono, Hawaiian Rain God

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will my Lono ship?

    After placing your order, your Lono will ship in 2-3 business days.

  • Is there a Lono application for iOS and Android?

    Yes. Lono supports both iOS and Android platforms. Note: Android will be available in spring 2016.

  • Is there a Lono web application?

    Yes. You can check it out here.

  • What are Lono's WiFi requirements?

    Lono works at 2.4Ghz on 802.11 b/g networks and supports WPA and WPA2 encryption.

  • Will there be an open Lono API?

    Yes. We will provide a public API for you awesome developers out there. Enjoy.

  • Is there support for rain sensors or other 3rd party sensors?

    Many 3rd party sensors simply plug into a zone slot and don't require any special integration. Lono can support these. We have not yet approached 3rd party sensors that need special integration. That's on our to do list.

  • If the weather report says it's going to rain, can Lono automatically skip a scheduled watering session?

    Yes. That said, some people complain that their local weather report isn't accurate enough for them so we've made this optional. Users can turn the local weather usage on and off in the application's settings. If you have it on and the weather report says it is currently raining in your area, Lono will automatically delay watering.

  • How secure is Lono? Will anyone with a Bluetooth enabled phone be able to reconfigure my Lono?

    Initial pairing is automatic, but after that a user would need their username and password to access their account and authorize another phone.

  • What type of power source does Lono use?

    Lono ships with a 120V AC right angle plug that is both FCC and UL certified. We encourage international customers who do not require CE certification to purchase and use a voltage converter similar to this.

  • My existing control box is outside (not in the garage). Will weather/elements be an issue?

    We haven't been able to do enough long term testing with outdoor use. Therefore, for the time being we would advise against it. Even though Lono is splash resistant, snow, ice, and water sprayed up from below could conceivably get inside your Lono device. Also, UV rays will make the plastics age faster. Consequently, we are working on ways to make Lono comprehensively weatherproof. Most controllers that are outside have a weatherproof container box. If you replace your existing controller and install Lono inside an existing weatherproof container box you should be fine. In fact, here's a weather resistant controller cabinet from Orbit that works well with Lono. Along with the Orbit weather resistant cabinet, you might also consider looking at this Waterproof WiFi Indoor Outdoor Weatherproof Enclosure Cabinet Box from AA Communications.

  • Can I add additional zones?

    In the near future, we intend to implement "daisy chaining". That is to say, if you have more than 20 zones you can simply install and daisy chain multiple Lono devices. This means your Lono devices will work together in tandem, and can be controlled under one account. We do not yet have a date for when this feature will be available.

  • Will I be able to snooze or change my Lono settings outside of my home WiFi network?

    Yes, anywhere you can connect to the Internet with your phone you can control your Lono. For example, you can have your Lono snooze if you are at work and it starts to rain.

  • We have odd/even day watering restriction. Will this be an easy setting option?

    Yes. This is a pretty common scenario in water-scarce areas. We've built this into Lono's time scheduling options.

  • Does Lono support pumps?

    Yes. Lono will work with pumps as long as you're using a 24v pump relay to connect to your Lono. The relay is wired into one of the 20 zones, and configured as a pump in the setup process.

  • Are there any ongoing subscription costs following initial purchase?

    No. You'll have everything you need out of the box.

  • How big is Lono?

    Lono's dimensions are approximately 6.26" height X 6.03" width X 2.27" depth.

  • Does Lono have an Ethernet port for wired Internet connectivity?

    No. However, if you're concerned about the range of your WiFi network, you might consider purchasing an inexpensive Ethernet-to-WiFi bridge like this.